10 powerful and inspirational quotes by Marcus Garvey

As you already know, I use a lot of quotes from influential people to guide me through life. As a Jamaican I could not allow the month of August to end without paying tribute to one of Jamaica’s national heroes Marcus Garvey. His work has been a tremendous inspiration to many over the years and is still relevant today. Take minute to explore some of his words below and how much they still relate to us today.

“Take advantage of every opportunity; where there is none, make it for yourself.”

” If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.”

” With confidence, you have won before you have started.”

” There is no force like success, and that is why the individual makes all effort to surround himself throughout life with the evidence of it.

“Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.”

” We must give up the silly idea of folding our hands and waiting on God to do everything for us. If God had intended for that, then he wouldn’t have given us a mind. Whatever you want in life, you must make up your mind to do it for yourself.”

“Always try to associate with people, from whom you can learn something. All the knowledge that you want is in the world and all you have to do is seek it.

” The man who is not able to develop and use his mind, is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind.”

“Ambition is the desire to go forward and improve one’s condition. It is a burning flame that lights up the life of the individual and makes him see himself in another state. To be ambitious is to be great in the mind and soul. To want that which is worthwhile and strive for it. To go on without looking back, reaching to that which gives satisfaction.”

“I trust that you will so live today as to realize, that you are masters of your fate; if there is anything you want in this world, it is for you to strike out with confidence and faith in self and reach for it.”

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