Is being rich important?

This is something I know nothing about, because I am not rich. However the goal is to be rich. Leave a comment below if you think that striving to be rich is important. My goal is to be successful and comfortable enough to do the things I want and to give my son the kind of life I only dreamt about as a child. As cliche as that sounds, it is my goal. So this leads to the question is being rich important? Or should I say, is trying to be rich important?

Yes of course money can’t buy you everything. There are certain things that money just won’t get you, regardless of how much you have. Hey, but with enough money you can create situations that will bring you those things. Hear me out, let’s say for example, taking a vacation. The ideal vacation usually provides relaxation and fun and everything that is peachy. Listen, I’m not saying that you need to be rich to take a vacation, but I’m just subscribing to the fact that money does play a role in providing happiness.

A lot a people live their entire life without ever being rich and yet they are content. But, is being rich such a bad thing? Or is striving to get there wrong? Hell no, A lot of people also spend their entire life trying to be rich and there is absolutely nothing wrong with both way of life.

When it’s all said and done, it really boils down to each individual. For me I’d say yes being rich is important. I’m not rich now, but you best believe, “I’m gonna die trying.”


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  1. very interesting post; nice topic… I dont think it is important to be rich, but I do believe it is important to have money enough to do at least the good things (fun, relaxation, etc.) we wish to do in our lives… for me, money might be important to help people and target higher spiritual treasures by helping others

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  2. Being rich is not necessarily important, I just want to be comfortable and not have to worry about paying bills and taking care of the necessities.

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  3. For many rich people, it is not being rich in and of itself that drives them, if that were so, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett and Michael Lee Chin would have retired. They are all multi billionaires. One could try to make the argument that they continue because they are greedy but that would be a silly argument at best. Many rich people are on a mission to implement a dramatic change in the world, this is why they don’t retire. The money they get along the way is just a reward for the impact they are having in peoples lives. We don’t aim to be rich because of what it will enable us to buy, we do it because of what changes it will enable us to make in the world and the things we will be able to build.

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  4. feel the abundance in your life right now and feel appreciation for what you have and more abundance will pour into your life ♡

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    1. yes yes yes!!! It is the law of attraction. What you focus on you receive… even when you focus your attention on the lack of something you are screaming yes at that circumstance, if you watch your words and language about money/abundance you will clearly see what you’re inviting into your experience, whether that be “I don’t have enough..there will never be enough. Life isn’t fair” or “I am always taken care of. I always have what I need” ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. I’ve never known of anybody being happier because they became rich (in the money sense of the word). As a matter of fact, they became greedy and wanted more and more, which probably made them miserable. Although we all know that being able to make ends meet is important, we mustn’t miss those special moments that aren’t necessarily provided by having money and be grateful for them as, unfortunately, they won’t last forever.

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  6. Which would you rather, 1 million dollars and cleaner air, or 1 billion dollars and no decrease in air pollution? If you had a new car, owned your own three bedroom house and had three hundred thousand dollars in the bank would that be enough? Maybe the only way to become a lot wealthier than that is to start exploiting the poor. Would billionaires exist in a world where every hard working person can afford healthcare, education, housing and nutritious food etc.


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