The sexy woman craze

In a world where body image is so important, it is good to love yourself for who you are. The new norm for us as women is to have that ” perfect body figure, ” causing women and misguided young girls to get the wrong idea of what a woman should look like.

I am not here to bash anyone or to judge. Gone were the days when plastic surgery was a secret. Today there are billboards everywhere advertising the different type of body shapes you can achieve if you choose them. Scroll through your social media feed on any given day and you will see a body that was beautifully and perfectly created by a plastic surgeon.

Again I have no problem with a person that chooses to ” get their body done.” Every one have a right to their personal preferences. My only hope is that, it is being done for the right reasons. We are in a culture that defines beauty to be something sexy. The media has allowed young girls to think that if they don’t boast a certain type of body figure then they are not beautiful. It seems we are now in a ” big but craze.” Women are spending thousands of dollars to get that desired size. The natural look is frowned upon and criticized. If you are fat, they bash you, if you are skinny they bash you. Social media has allowed people to perpetuate so much negativity. Causing women to feel the need to change their bodies just to fit in.

Post a picture of a fully clothed woman on social media and it will only get just a few views and likes. Post a picture with the same women showcasing her curves skimpily dressed and views are skyrocketed. That’s the age that we are living in. Social media has created the ” sexy craze.” This is where anything that is deemed to be “sexy” is viewed a lot and gets a lot of compliments.

Because of the way in which the ” sexy body image ” is being celebrated on social media. Women and young girls tend to lack that Confidence that is needed. My solution is that we have to find a way to develop that strong confidence. Know who you are, what you stand for. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, learn to be your own influencer. When you are strong and confident in who you are, nothing will be able to sway you to change to please the crowd.


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