The ultimate breakdown of “live your best life”

It’s been a little while, l have been busy moving across the country. ( I am now a southern girl) but hey I am back and you have my full attention now.

So lately ( or not so lately) the saying ” live your best life” have be going around a lot. If you have any form of social media account, I’m sure you have seen or heard this phrase before. What exactly does it mean to ” live your best life”?

The quote itself came from the power house, Oprah Winfrey. To “live your best life” is to live up to your full potential, to seize every opportunity to gain success, to make a concerted effort to be happy. If you ask me, it’s one of those quotes that can be interpreted in a tremendous amount of ways. It’s basically whatever it means to you. Many of the hashtags seen on social media represents, freedom, success, individuality and the list goes on.

However you may interpret “live your best life ” it is always important that you appreciate the things that you have, that you take chances, take risks, step out there with confidence and be nothing but your awesome and authentic self and live for you. Whatever you do, ensure that it is done for you, not for others to see, or to compete, but for your own gratification. If your happiness or success is done for any other reason than to please you, then that’s not living your best life, it’s living someone-else’s best life.

So by now you should know that I love a good quote. If you ask me, the quote ” live your best live” is a little overused ( but who asked me, or who cares what I think) however it’s nonetheless a good one. ( yes there are,,,,,, well not bad quotes, but there are some that doesn’t make much sense or are not practical.) Remember what it says ” live your best life” emphasis on your.

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