Talk yourself through it

I know you must be wondering, what is she talking about now. Well as the heading says, I am going to tell you to, “talk to yourself ” Please keep an open mind, I know people generally think of persons who talk to themselves as nut cases. But,let me explain.

Talking to yourself is something, that a lot of very successful people do. In fact it is something that we all do and it is referred to as auto suggestion. Lately I have been talking to myself a lot ( no I’m not going crazy) I find that it helps to motivate me through various situations.

The way I see it, there is hardly anyone out there that you value the way you value yourself. So why is it that your words are not as valuable to you? Hmmm, think about it, I could quote a million motivational quotes from famous and not so famous people that you value. What’s the difference between their words and the words that are coming from your very own mind to your lips. There is absolutely no difference. Sometimes you have to be the one to push you, sometimes you have to be the one to tell yourself , ” you got this” and sometimes you really have to be the one to tell yourself ” let it go.”

Your words are powerful, whether you are speaking to others or to yourself, they are powerful. Listen to what you have to say, the same way you listen to others, give yourself that respect. Talking to yourself can be very beneficial to your mental health, It can make a difference in your mood and the way you approach any kind of situation. Put your self talk to use and use it to cheer for yourself, talk to yourself when things are difficult and when your emotions are running wild. Your voice can be that calming factor when you are angry or confused. Listen to yourself sometimes.

Many studies have been done to prove how valuable self talk or auto suggestion can be. Now, don’t forget, that it is just as important to listen to yourself; as it is to talk to yourself. Listening is when you become aware of what you are saying. Give yourself that support and talk some positivity to you.

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