Benefits of drinking water

This is something I had to get adjusted to doing. Drinking water was not number one on my daily to do list, until I learned how important it it is to my health.

Put that sugary drink down and get to drinking your water because:

  • It flushes waste from your body.
  • It helps with weight loss.
  • It helps to prevent kidney damage.
  • It Prevents headache.
  • It helps with a hangover.
  • Helps with your daily mood.
  • It helps to maintain your blood pressure.
  • It helps to energize your muscles.
  • It keeps your skin looking good.
  • It aids in regular bowel movement.
  • Make drinking water, one of your good habits. If you want to give it a kick, then you can always add a fruit just to give it some flavor. Do whatever it takes to get you to drink more. The amount of water you drink daily, I believe depends on you, some say you need at least eight glasses per day. While, there are others who believe that you should drink your body weight divided by half in ounces. I say nobody knows your body better than you, so just follow what your body tells you. Just make sure you are drinking enough water daily.
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