Don’t allow fear to hold you back

How often do you ask yourself , what is it that is really holding me back? That’s something I question myself about almost everyday. If I could sum it up in one word, I would definitely say fear.

What is fear? If you asked me I would say it’s a pest, just kidding. Fear is really just an unpleasant emotion that gives you a feeling that something dangerous is about to happen. So essentially it’s your brain shouting: danger! danger!

Now, it’s ok to have fear ( remember we are humans) but, it becomes a problem when it gets in the way of your dreams. Fear can be like this big stumbling block standing between you and your goals. It will come at you from so many different angles, to try and convince you, that what you want to do will not be good for you. One of my experiences with fear, is me wanting to do a marathon. I have been saying that, for about two years now, but every time the opportunity comes up, I get in my head and tell myself that “I’m not going to be able to finish, i may end up fainting, I’m not strong enough yet, I need more time to train” I could go on and on with this list. Fear tells you, you can’t and you shouldn’t.

Regardless of the thoughts that fear puts in your mind, you have to find a way to conquer them and just do it anyway. Remember that fear is nothing but an emotion. Don’t let something as tiny as an emotion hold you back.

Make conquering your fear a winning habit. You have more strength than you think. It’s absolutely normal to have Fears, but, try and power through those thoughts and you will see amazing things begin to happen. I know failure is one of the biggest fear for most of us. However, we have counteract that with a mindset, that we have to be brave and bold in order to achieve our dreams. Get out of your comfort zone, face your fear and just do it anyway.


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