Taking baby steps towards your dreams

How often have you heard the saying “crawl before you walk”? I know that’s something I have heard countless times. Simply put, it is just telling you to do the basics before moving on to the advanced. You’re probably saying, “thanks captain obvious.” I find that, sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics, to fully understand what we really need to do, to get to the end result.

Are you living your true passion? Are you doing what you have always wanted to do? Have you given up on that one dream you’ve had since you were a teenager? For me my answers are no, no and no. Another saying I have always heard is that “it’s never too late” so there is still time for you to make that dream an actual reality.

I mentioned in my first blog that it took me five years to actually start my fitness journey. Even though it’s something I have always wanted to do long before that. What I am trying to say is that, however long it takes you to get to the end result, really doesn’t matter, as long as you start.

So it may be that you start going to the gym once per week or that you save one hundred dollars per week, or that you take one class per semester. Whatever your goal is, as long as you start and you stay consistent with making these baby steps then eventually taking another step you will get there.