No excuses

I have found that excuses and reasons are just that. I have found that for some time now, ( maybe for years) I have made so many excuses as to why, I haven’t lost weight, why I am not further in my career, why my relationship with others are not better, why, why, why. I would always have a great explanation, which would always outline very excellent reasons for my failures. Sometimes my excuses would even be me not owning my part in my decisions ( I would play the blame game and blame someone else). You see the thing with excuses, is that it allows you to feel comfortable with not doing what you are supposed to do. For example. For many years I would always say I gained weight because of my pregnancy. Yes this may be true, but my son is now six years old. ( I gave that excuse for five long years). I once read somewhere ( I forgot where) that as human beings we are able to feel dissatisfied with ourselves for a very long time. I have found this to be true in so many different aspects of my life. Instead of trying to change the things that I’m dissatisfied with, I would always remind myself of the reasons behind this feeling and then try to validate them. All I am trying to say is that regardless of the reason or the excuse, we still have to push pass it and get it done. How much longer can we give validation to an excuse? It is just that, nothing but an excuse.